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Recent Changes:
  • 2017/12/28: Sheet music for Tangerine Dreams's Ricochet part 2
  • 2016/10/30: New bank of sounds for the Waldorf MicroQ synthesizer available for download here
  • 2013/04/29: Added sldies about HTML5 and PhoneGap development
  • 2012/10/30: Added a presentation on agile project management which I gave on October 18th 2012
  • 2012/05/23: Added some presentations to the papers and documents page
  • 2012/04/02: Here is a teaser for my 2012 electronic music album: Syklight (mp3 format)
  • 2012/01/01: Added link to my blog about software, technology and science
  • 2011/09/26: New audio version of my white paper Proaktives Anforderungsmanagement read by Monika Urbainczyk
  • 2009/04/23: Added presentation for LUGD (Liferay User Group Deutschland) about Liferay portal design
  • 2008/10/23: Added link to my article Comparing Crystal Reports and BIRT which was published in iX magazine in 10/2008
  • 2008/10/23: Added paper on Application integration in enterprise portals
  • 2007/09/10: Added document on writing C++ UFLs for Crystal Reports
  • 2007/08/29: Added paper on using crosstabs with Crystal Reports
  • 2007/03/26: Added article on Opensource Portal Development with Liferay